Prior to the 2020 legislative session, NYS Society of Plastic Surgeons worked with a parent advocate, Assemblywoman Joanne Simon and State Senate Betty Little to proactively introduce legislation to specifically address this issue for cleft palate and cleft lip S1965 / A2971.

Assemblywoman Simon and State Senator Anna Kaplan introduced the bill, A.8890/S.7709, during the 2020 legislative session. This new legislation changes four sections of the New York State insurance law to guarantee comprehensive coverage of congenital anomalies surgeries (medical and dental) and therapies (physical, occupational, etc.) for children from birth until they are no longer dependents on their parents’ insurance policies.

While the Society hosted a successful Lobby Day on Tuesday, February 25th, COVID19 derailed the entire legislative session with very little action taken by year’s end on a host of issues.

Assemblywoman Simon and Senator Kaplan are both committed to the bill and will re-introduce it for the 2021 Legislative Session–which will be held virtually from January through June 2021.